Kolman Technik is a limited liability company which is an industrial equipment supplier in pneumatic, hydraulic, automation and hose fields. Our company in Cologne offers WINMAN brand to the customers.

Industries where WINMAN branded products are generally used;

  • Automotive
  • Machine manufacturing
  • Packaging machinery
  • PVC and wood working machinery
  • Hoisting machinery (lifting)
  • Sheet metal machinery
  • Hydraulic press production
  • Agricultural machinery and more

As Kolman Technik, the most important reason why we started with WINMAN is its product range consisting of more than 60000 products fall under the one brand in the four aforesaid fields. Thanks to this, we believe in providing time saving opportunity to our customers because time is the most valuable element of the millennium.

We can preserve world reserves together with our durable products, wouldn’t you like to help us in this matter? We are your best solution partner for your needs with the support that we get from over 30-year experience of WINMAN and its expert staff. As a young company, let’s create our success together in this journey.

Hope to meet you in projects aimed at the common goal.